College/University Preparation Program Participants

Congratulations to the following Barrie Soccer Club competitive players who have been accepted into our new “College/University Preparation Program’

Caden Findlay

Alexandra Pino

Isabelle Milne

Krista Sherman

Taylor Mather

Vanessa Mafra

Ava Bydal

Layann Halwani

Talia Halwani

Montelene Dymond

Jenna Laagus

Charlotte Dewsnap

Ella Pragnell

Lindsay Stephens

David Heather

Adam Toumi

Xavier Price

Sofia Tomei

Rocco Tadeo -Camacho Fournier

Jamila Toumi

Nina Yetman

Eric Schwarz

Ally Wocker-Crumbie

Aidan Tomassoni

Colby Allen

We are looking forward to working with you over the next few years and helping you achieve your goals. #barriesoccerfamily #barriesoccer #studentathlete