BSC Mental Wellness & Self Care Awareness Program

The Barrie Soccer Club is proud to provide support for our players in the form of Mental Health & Self Care Awareness, during these trying times. The last calendar year has been a challenge for many people, but none more so than our youth.

As leaders in the Club we have had several players and families reaching out for support as the pandemic has taken a toll on our children. The impacts of isolation, removal from social settings, lack of exercise, cancellation of sports, and the ongoing challenges to adapt to the ever changing education setting, may have long lasting repercussions that we currently are not aware of. What we do know, is currently we are starting to see the beginning of a pandemic within a pandemic when it comes to concerns of our children's mental health and well being.

With these concerns in mind, the Barrie Soccer Club has been working hard to bring support to our players and families. In partnership with Mind to Muscle, we have created workshops for the entire month of April and we have updated our website to add mental health resources which can be found at

We would ask any family that believes they require this personal touch point to feel free to reach out to and we will do our best to ensure we provide additional resources and put you in touch with the professionals required to support you and your child.