Special Announcement For Members

As many of you are aware, the Barrie Soccer Club continues to push forward to find future pathways for

our players. Today, we are extremely proud to announce our club affiliation with the newly approved

professional club in Huronia District; Simcoe County Rovers FC!

Since the Barrie Soccer Club exited the partnership with 1812FC in January of 2021 we have been

working closely with former TFC Captain and most capped player ever for Canada – Julian De Guzman –

to begin our own venture into high-performance soccer for our City, Club, and Region. The departure

from 1812 was driven by several financial and organizational red flags that would not have benefitted our

club or players. Julian De Guzman’s commitment to the Barrie Soccer Club and Huronia Region, has never wavered. He continued to work closely with the Barrie Soccer Club to ensure there was ‘another option’ in the Region,

a stronger, more committed, option.

Today, we are honored to say that the Barrie Soccer Club has an affiliation agreement with Simcoe County

Rovers FC. The Simcoe County Rovers FC group will consist of President Julian De Guzman, CEO

Peter Raco, and as President of the Barrie Soccer Club I will act as the Chief Operating Officer for the

organization. In addition to this leadership group, there will be up to 4 current high profile men’s national

team players joining as investors and advisors. We look forward to working with this amazing group of

individuals to drive the Barrie Soccer Club’s current successful development program, even further!

The affiliation with Simcoe County Rovers FC also includes 2 other youth clubs; Aurora Soccer Club, and

Athletic Institute Academy. These affiliations will provide Barrie Soccer Club additional flexibility in player


The organization’s short-term goal is to achieve both Men and Women senior team status at the highest

level possible in Ontario starting in 2022, with the Barrie Soccer Club also operating teams under the

Barrie Soccer Club banner as an affiliate. Coaching resources, and player development opportunities, as well as professional and university pathway opportunities will be driven through this partnership!

As the largest club in Huronia region, we continue to strive for excellence! This partnership, along with

our recent College/University Prep program, and our TFC Juniors partnership, will now provide pathway

opportunities at every level of our club!

We look forward to additional Big News in the Fall, where we will share with you our unique plans for

brand unification!

Below you will find recent press release link, and the social media links for Twitter and Instagram for

Simcoe County Rovers FC. We encourage you to give them a follow!